Cambridge Printing and Photocopying

Providing print, copying or scanning solutions

With our Xerox digital printer, we’re able to provide print solutions on either paper, card or canvas, from the size of a business card through to A0 – in full colour or black and white – at the press of a button.

We accept files emailed to with the instructions of what paper stock you’d like it printed on, and quantity.

We’re able to turnaround print jobs quickly, however never compromising quality. If you’ve got a job that you’d like printed and it’s a biggie – we’d appreciate a ‘heads up’ so we can allocate the time and a team member to look after it for you.

Our Cambridge printing and photocopying services include -

Scan to print solutions of all sizes

We’re able to scan documents – from 1-page through to an A0-sized house plans in colour or black and white and email it direct to an email address or copy to a USB stick. Oh, and we can generally do it right there and then!

We won’t put you crooked

State of the art commercial guillotines for sharp precise cuts.
Gone are the days of trimming with a scalpel and ruler – we’ve got an inhouse guillotine, ensuring all those edges are precise and straight!

Improved durability with lamination

Laminating preserves your document and adds protection against stains and spills, tears and wrinkles, fingerprints and moisture, ensuring the print is more durable. We recommend lamination on business cards, especially those that are being handled by wet, dirty hands; and anything that is going to ‘hang around’ for a while

Personalise your own
canvas prints

Got a special photo, or a quote that you just love and would like to have hanging on your wall? We can scan your photo or email us a digital file and we’ll output onto canvas, ready for you to hang on your wall or gift it to someone for their wall. Makes a wonderful gift.

Where size doesn’t matter

Cambridge printing and photocopying -
A huge range of printing sizes accommodated

We can accommodate a huge range of printing sizes from A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, right down to A7! Nothing is too big or too small for our dedicated team – who print it fast and stress-free for you!

From commercial printing jobs to one off photo prints, we can print everything! Tiny stamps to A1 sheets, our Cambridge printing services are fast, professional and stress-free

Huge Printing capabilities
and sizes available

A0 Size

1189mm W x 841mm D

A1 Size

594mm W x 841mm D

A2 Size

420mm W x 594mm D

A3 Size

297mm W x 420mm D

A4 Size

210mm W x 297mm D

A5 Size

148mm W x 210mm D

A6 Size

105mm W x 148mm D

A7 Size

74mm W x 105mm D

You can never have too much of stationery!


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